Pottery in Mani Peninsula

Pottery is the most ancient art chronicled with archaeological findings counting more than 8000 years of continual course. Zervobeakos family, stepping in this art’s footsteps and using as raw material the SOIL of Mani’s land, a place where the Spartans lived and got trained, elaborates it with WATER and FIRE and succeeds in making objects of unique beauty with the potter’s wheel. Subsequently these objects are decorated exclusively by hand with patterns inspired by the Greek folk tradition and culture, just the way it was done thousands of years ago. In this way we create UNIQUE pieces and we give everyone of them its identity in order to accomplish its own journey trough time.

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" Όμορφα πήλινα αντικείμενα για καθημερινή χρήση ή για δωράκια. Ήταν τέλειο που το εργαστήριο ήταν στον ίδιο χώρο και μπορούσαμε να δούμε τον τεχνίτη να κατασκευάζει αντικείμενα εκείνη τη στιγμή "
" Θοδωρής Γκ "
" Πάρα πολύ ωραίος χώρος με εξαιρετικές μοναδικές δημιουργίες. Ο Αλέξανδρος εξαιρετικός οικοδεσπότης και πάρα πολύ φιλικός και με διάθεση να δείξει και να εξηγήσει σε μικρά παιδιά. Επίσης, είναι ένας πολύτιμος ξεναγός της περιοχης μιας και τα tips και οι συμβουλές του για τα όμορφα σημεία της Μανης έπιασαν τοπο και μάλιστα με το παραπάνω! "
" Ανθούλα "
" Alexandros and his team are great artists that can talk with passion about their craft. I would even say that Alexandros is a craft master. We’ve learned so much in a short visit... you can directly see the master in action and get explanations on the various phases. Moreover, Alexandros is passionate about his region, Mani, and provides very good tips for tourist to discover very nice local stuff and people "
" Fabien "
" Stopped on a whim as we were leaving Areopolis and LOVE the mint green nesting bowls we got and the white rippled edge tea cups (similar but each unique) we bought—my only regret was not getting more! Have been fantasising about ordering more (both bowls and cups) since Christmas, as a present to myself/nice artisanal lift to our coffee mornings and tea times. "
" Beth "

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